(0.5 cu Isopropyl Alcohol Parts Washer)

The IPA-05 is a full production isopropyl alcohol (IPA) parts washer. This machine is designed for high production of smaller loads. CE, UL and OSHA compliant. 







  • Built for Medical and Electronic Industries.
  • Wash cabinet is fabricated using all stainless-steel components.
  • 0.5 cu ft usable basket volume. Two speed (low / high). Removable.
  • 4-gallon IPA capacity, removable 5-gallon supply container.
  • Pneumatic chemical pump (10 gpm minimum)
  • Tethered control station
  • All controls / safeties located in wash cabinet are pneumatic
  • Anti-Static UHMW bearing surfaces to remove static potential
  • 4.3” touch HMI and PLC controls including 50 recipe storage

Safety Features

  • Basket drive motor is the only electrical component on/in the washing cabinet. The motor is explosion proof and is outside of the cabinet.
  • All controls that are in the washing cabinet are pneumatic.
  • Pressure differential switch monitoring the pressure inside of the washing cabinet against ambient pressure.
  • Machine to maintain a negative pressure in the washing cabinet to ensure all vapors are vents through the exhaust.
  • Customer to supply an explosion-proof exhaust fan on the exhaust duct. The fan must be always on. Machine will not run without the pressure differential.
  • All-access doors are equipped with a pneumatic sensor and doors must be closed for the machine to activate.
  • Dual automated fire extinguishers are installed inside of the cabinet to suppress any fire if it occurs.

Customer Plant Requirements

  • Power: 115VAC 15A
  • Control Air: 80PSI
  • Drying Air: 40CFM @ 80 PSI (Can be hot)
  • Exhaust: 100 CFM Minimum 4” explosion-proof exhaust fan (ALWAYS ON)


  • Barcode scanner upgrade
  • 10” touch HMI
  • 1000 Recipes (50 standard)
  • Spare Basket (when ordered with machine)
  • Liquid Level Switch



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