What is Cryogenic Deflashing?

What is cryogenic deflashing?

Cryogenic deflashing is the process of using liquid nitrogen to freeze rubber or plastic parts to a set temperature, after the set temperature is reached and the parts are brittle, media will be thrown onto the parts causing the flash to brake off, leaving the parts clean.

What is media?

Media is a polycarbonate resin. The benefit of using this type of material is that it reduces the risk of damage to parts.

What is flash?

Flash is the extra material that is found on rubber or plastic parts after the molding or casting process. The flash typically needs to be removed for parts to work as designed.

Why Leonard Enterprises for Cryogenic Deflashing and Service?

  • Safety – We have the best safety standards in the industry
  • Customer Service – We cannot be beat in this area
  • Quality – We only use the best parts available today
  • Low noise level – We use only high-grade sound insulation
  • All stainless-steel frame – Which helps to stop corrosion
  • Made in the USA – All machines are manufactured in California
  • Customization – All machines can be customized for your specific needs.

Cryogenic Deflashers – manual or fully automated

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Cryogenic Tumblers

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Support Equipment

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Leonard Enterprises now offers IN HOUSE cryogenic deflashing services.

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