The MD-1000 is an easy way to recycle dirty wet media. The conical hopper is loaded with wet media. Once the hopper is loaded the unit can be started.  The automated cycle will start and run the heater/blower for the time that was inputted in one of the timers.  Once the first timer runs out the unit will start the auto unloading phase.  During this phase the separator runs and the vacuum loader will bring the media from the hopper into the top of the separator.  A second timer will control how long the unloading phase will run.



Key Benefits

  • Overall
    • Conical hopper
    • Over 5 cu ft. of holding capacity
    • Vacuum loader
    • Heater and Blower
    • 18" Separator
    • Skid mounted
  • Controls
    • 230/460 V
    • 375 deg F Max temp
  • Operational
    • User friendly
  • Dimensions
    • Height - 60"
    • Length - 90"
    • Width - 50"MD-1000