Located in Riverside, California, Leonard Enterprises, Inc. is committed to being the premier supplier of deflashing equipment and all types of stainless steel equipment used in the rubber and plastics industry. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Continuous deflashers, for those parts that don’t lend themselves to standard machines
  • Parts washers, parts driers and media dryers
  • Vacuum systems, tank systems and shaker tables
  • Conveyors and dumpers
  • Any and all metal fabrication

LEI’s focus is to spend capital for improvements on equipment, upgrades to materials used in manufacturing the equipment, customer service and employees.


LEI does not look at each sale as an individual piece of equipment. Customers should be able to come forward with their needs for other services or equipment that may be required in their plant. LEI is committed to fulfilling the customer, providing quality equipment and being sensitive to their needs.

Leonard Enterprises provides not only Deflashing equipment, but also custom Deflashing services that may be required until a company can justify a new piece of in-house equipment. LEI can test parts in house, help determine the best parameters for the parts and even help with operating numbers for cost justifications as required.

All of LEI’s employees are ready, willing and able to assist customers when they call. The main objective is to ensure that the customer feels that someone is going to help, from the moment that the call is placed. LEI’s employees accomplish this by listening to the problem and solving it - and if they can’t solve it, they will make sure to direct the customer to someone who can.


The equipment produced by LEI has been re-engineered from the ground up to encompass the changes in the rubber and plastics industry. With this advanced mindset, the company is equipped to deal with changes in the environment, technology, competition and their customers.

LEI also realizes that without partners, the company cannot fully serve all of the customers’ needs. Mainly, LEI does not provide nitrogen but without it, the equipment is useless. Therefore, LEI works with customer-oriented, leading suppliers of gases and related equipment throughout the world. This cooperative approach with all major nitrogen suppliers makes it easier to satisfy any customer, nationally and globally.


No other company in the business produces what LEI has mastered: fully enclosed stainless steel equipment to minimize freeze ups and excess sound. While the machines include the latest in safety features, computerization, and maintaining higher speeds and more versatile media flow, LEI still is making a more user friendly piece of equipment.

Superior in service, innovation and technology. That is our commitment.